This Book is Upside Down


Are there two sides to every story? Penelope Giraffe and Gus Penguin are at home on two different sides of the same world. when something looks upside down to Penelope, it looks right-side up to Gus! As they explore their opposite points of view, will the twosome ever see eye-to-eye? This innovative picture book plays on perspective. Eye-catching (and often upside-down) illustrations encourage reader interaction.

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“Young readers will have a riotously good time trying to follow along with these silly characters, and more sophisticated readers will enjoy a few additional nods and winks as well. Recommended.”

School Library Journal

“The characters’ breezy cool (despite their tangling with gravity, neither ever loses their temper), Wage’s (Fox Gives Thanks) repartee, and Ceccarelli’s (If You Had Your Birthday Party on the Moon) painterly digital portraits, showcased against lots of white space, establish a comedy sketch feel early on and deliver on it.”

Publisher’s Weekly

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