Go! Go! Fire Truck


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7.84″ x 8.86″
Board book
6 spreads (5 content)
Dashboard-shaped module
6 sound buttons play a total of 8 sounds
Steering wheel really turns
3 replaceable 357/AG13/LR44 button cell batteries included

Written by Emily Skwish

Illustrated by Ali Solomon

It’s a busy day for this happy fire truck, and YOU are the driver! Turn the steering wheel and press buttons to guide the fire truck along its route. Six buttons play firefighting sounds and instructions from the fire station radio, putting readers right in the action. Get behind the wheel and help save the day!

Hands-on steering wheel promotes learning through play
Interacting with characters helps your child connect with the story
Matching pictures to sounds enhances reading comprehension

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Weight 0.7 lbs
Dimensions 8.88 × 7.75 × 1 in

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