Merriam-Webster’s A Loveliness of Ladybugs: Collective Animal Nouns and the Meanings Behind Them

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Pair a dictionary definition with a humorous illustration, and what do you get? A delightful way to unpack the meaning of unusual figures of speech. This imaginative picture book from Merriam-Webster, a trusted and leading authority on language for more than 180 years, takes a closer look at the fanciful, and sometimes curious, words we use to describe groups of animals. You’ll see an intrigue of kittens dressed in detective caps, a parliament of owls wearing powdered wigs, and a dazzle of zebras dancing at a disco. From a skulk of foxes hiding behind trees to a kaleidoscope of butterflies forming a colorful pattern, young readers can explore the playfulness of the English language and enrich their vocabulary at the same time.

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